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Our food philosophy is simple. We source the best seasonal produce to create menus that draw on a variety of flavours and textures - presenting our clients with pure food artistry. Our gourmet menus are crafted using the creative flair of our experienced head chef and can be tailored to suit any event.

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Please get an idea of our food variety by these examples:


• Rice paper summer roll with Norwegian salmon, cucumber & avocado
• Lobster salad with fillets of Sóller-oranges, avocado & pine seeds
• Oven baked goat cheese on a bed of rocket salad with mango & ginger chutney, flavoured with argan oil
• Marinated mini buffalo mozzarella with sun dried tomatoes and Bresaola ham

Main Dishes

• Slices of a hole char-grilled prime fillet of beef, Indian green- & black-peppered, accompanied with yasaitame wok-vegetables
• John Dory fillet fried in sesame oil on a bed of vegetables served with papaya & mango chutney and coriander noodles
• Oriental rack of lamb prepared with dates, plums, apricots, almond and cashew nuts, flavoured with fresh coriander and argan oil
• Prawn Cheviche: Grilled sea water prawns with sweet chilli, lime juice, orange, fresh ginger, soy bean sprouts and spring onions
• Thai Wok: Assorted vegetables with Thai-chilli, ginger, lemon grass, garlic, sesame oil, coconut milk, red curry paste, nam pla, kaffir, lime leafs and coriander served on basmati rice


• Chocolate fondue with assorted fruits and homemade ice cream
• Exotic fruit platter with champagne sorbet and light flavoured whipped cream
• Vanilla and apple spring roll
• Crema catalana
• Gato mallorquí

Majorcan Fiesta

• Gazpacho of Sóller-Oranges, red chilli and cucumber
• Jabugo ham on cantaloupe melon
• Baked dates with bacon
• Carpacchio of squid
• Spanish omelette with fresh herbs
• Sobrasada (traditional smoked sausage) with Inca pastries
• Crayfish with garlic and lemon
• Majorcan chorizo prawns
• Suckling pig with potato gratin and a variety of vegetables
• Paella Ciega with chicken and sea food (without shells and bones)
• Milk lamb spiced with thyme, rosemary and garlic
• Monk fish with fresh mint, marjoram and olives
• Sea bass saltimbocca style with ham and sage

Japanese Style

• Sushi Nigiri maguro tuna, shake salmon or ebi prawn
• Sushi California roll inside out with daikon radish or cucumber, avocado, rolled & coated with roasted sesame seeds, or with tuna or salmon, avocado, spring onion, rolled & coated with capelin roe
• Pink or yellow soy bean & nori Futomaki with salmon or tuna completed by papaya & avocado
• Tartar of salmon or tuna on a salad bed
• Sashimi Tokyo

Oriental Barbecue

• Hummus, labne, tabbouleh salad, beetroot salad with walnuts, parsley and coriander, vegetarian samosas
• Moroccan chermoula chicken as Kebab, skewer or steaks, lamb koefta, or fish and as well prawns
• Saudis style lamb, with mustard and cumin, or lamb roll stuffed with dried fruits as dates, plums, apricots and nuts
• Shisha corner with mint tea, dates and nuts (traditional)
• Choice of desserts

Show Cooking

• On our mobile Wokstations, the fresh and crispy alternative. Please ask us for details.

We provide a wide range of local and international wines.


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