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01 events wedding

You are thinking about getting married in Mallorca? Let us help you to find your perfect venue with a stunning ceremony set up. We also organise official church weddings with English speaking priests. Gourmet dinner and dance with a DJ or live band until dawn? Concept decoration or romantic mediterranean set up? We will create your perfect wedding together with you.

02 events dinner

Enjoy a gourmet dinner at your own finca. We bring not only food in Michelin star quality, but also matching wines, professional waiting staff, table ware and furniture, all hand in hand with our partner Fosh Catering. You just sit back and relax. Your finca is too small for so many friends? Let us propose one of our venues in Mallorca for your purposes.

03 events party

You have a special occasion to celebrate? A birthday, an anniversary, or just the fact that you love Mallorca so much and you are happy to be here? A stylish décor, gourmet food, famous wines, fireworks, maybe a DJ or a professional live band…Tell us what you like, and we create your dream party that you and your guests will never forget.

04 events yachting

Choose from a variety of motor- and sailing yachts. Your skipper will take you to the hidden bays of Mallorca that can only be entered by boat. Enjoy a break at anchor with swimming and a gourmet picnic, before you go further to a top seaside restaurant where you can spend the evening. Or you just enjoy the sunset while enjoying your gourmet dinner on board of your yacht.

05 events islandtours

Mallorca is full of hidden treasures that are only known to a few. Explore parts of Mallorca that will surprise you. Experienced guides will take you on walks, on quads, on bicycles or by car. Let us know where you are staying, and we work out a special tour for you. Please also have a look at Incentives

06 events sports

Going for a round of golf in Mallorca is what you always do? It might be time to experience something new. Ask us to create your tailor made package – golfing, yachting, fine dining, combined with an island tour….maybe end the day as a VIP guest in Palma’s hottest night clubs. Your own chauffeur will take you there.

07 events team

Whether you are spending time in Mallorca with work mates, your sports team or your golf buddies, we book your tee times, organise your transfer, and work out the right entertainment for you. Please also have a look at Incentives